Pedal Revolution Flat Repair Workshop!!

Pedal Rev partnered with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and hosted a flat tire repair workshop last night. It was a smashing success!!

A whopping 17 San Francisco bicycle riders crowded into Pedal Revolution for donuts and a comprehensive hands-on examination of all things flat fix. Mechanic Joel gave a demonstration on repairing a flat from start to finish including tire and tube removal, sourcing puncture, checking tire and rim, tire direction and wheel orientation, valve options, re-install, inflation, and installing wheel back onto bicycle.

From then we broke up into 5 groups and each group paired up with a mechanic for the hands-on part. everyone got to try their newly acquired skills on a wheel/tire set up and learned to troubleshoot and solve one of the greater mysteries/bummers in the bicycle experience…the dreaded flat tire!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to fixing flats but this crew picked up the steps remarkably quickly and we are confident with some practice they are well on their way to taking care of their own dreaded flats.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to the SFBC for organizing the event. We had and lot of fun and enjoyed getting to know everyone.


Pedal Staff



Pedal mechanic Joel demonstrating proper flat fix technique to the crowd.



14666389428_a8defdfa84_z 14849945771_aa3981b54c_z

Everyone got a chance to try their luck.



Shop dog Ramona looking a little shell-shocked. I don’t think she’d ever seen so many people in the shop before!



Pedal Mechanic Todd explaining how to re-install the wheel post-flat fix.



2 thoughts on “Pedal Revolution Flat Repair Workshop!!

  1. This was such a great workshop! I really learned a lot and I’m so glad I learned about the excellent work that your company does. It was good outreach for you in a beneficial way for us. Thank you!

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