Fuji Suncrest 20″ City Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update


Once again, we are proud to present to you, the bicycle public, a sublime but unpretentious example of an excellent everyday bicycle for the sensible cyclist.  This one hits many of the common bullet points of the classic Pedal Revolution refurbs.  For speed and clarity allow me to delineate here:

  • Steel frame and fork for (IMOHO) good looks and longevity (fully objective opinion) with mounts for racks and fenders
  • New 26″ wheels with smooth, durable, high volume tires for city riding
  • Upright (aka comfortable) riding position via Velo Orange Milan swept back handlebar
  • Cork(ish/y) handlebar grips (a true staff favorite)

How about a closer look (and extended tangent about the complexities of bike measurement/sizing):

Good Looks Can Be Understated

Good Looks Can Be Understated

Although this bike would most commonly be measured as a 20″ frame, which seems quite large, it is a very deceptive size description.  This number is the length of the seat-tube  from the center of the cranks to the top of the seat-tube (where the seat post begins to reveal itself).  For reason’s unknown to me (Joel), this is the traditional way mountain bikes have been sized. Unfortunately, this is a poor indicator of how large or small a bike actually feels.  WHAT REALLY MAKES A BIKE FEEL LARGE OR SMALL IS THE DISTANCE FROM WHERE THE RIDER IS SITTING TO WHERE ONE IS HOLDING ONTO THE BIKE.  Therefore, this frame’s true size is best suggested along a horizontal line from the seat tube juncture (where the seat tube, top tube, and seat stay tubes all meet-up and party together) to the center of the head tube (the tube the fork goes through) at the front end of the bike.  This is how road racing bikes have traditionally been measured.  Since almost all road (racing and touring) type bikes from up until the 1990’s had horizontal top tubes this measurement is essentially the length of the top tube and would be (being European) expressed in centimeters.

Further, confounding things, as one can see from the above photos, this bike’s top tube slopes downward from rear to front. Measuring along a horizontal axis from seat stay junction to headset, the frame size should be more accurately be described as akin to a 52cm/53cm road bike. However, this is not a fully fair, since the bike’s high and rearward sweeping handlebar makes the bike FEEL even smaller.

Just enough silver/grey/gold contrast to not be totally goth

Just Enough Silver/Grey/Gold Contrast To Not Be Totally Goth

Anyhow, this bike would probably fit someone from about 5’3″ – 5’6″ well.  On Sale for $400!!!











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