All City Spacehorse Road Bikes on Sale @Pedal Revolution Fall Bicycle Sale!!


“One bike to do it all” is a phrase that is utilized frequently at Pedal Revolution when we discuss bicycle options with out customers. We love utility and functionality in bicycles. Aesthetic concerns are valued as well and occasionally a bicycle shows up on the market that just nails it. Enter the All-City Spacehorse. This bike defines the “One bike to do it all” ideal as a well thought out blend of road, touring, off-road, commuting wonder-bike.

Many of the bikes we sell at Pedal Revolution share characteristics of the Spacehorse; steel frame for durability, long life, and comfort, balanced geometry for road/off-road riding, load handling capabilities for weekend bike tours or weekly farmers market pick ups. The Spacehorse combines these characteristics with excellent design, beautiful paint, and attention to detail throughout.

Our remaining 2014 All-City Spacehorse models are on sale during our Fall Bicycle sale this month at Pedal Rev.

Sale price is $1,399 vs. $1,500 while they last!!

allcityspacehorse-5 space_horse_3




Below is the Spacehorse description from the All-City site:

“The Space Horse is the most versatile model in the line. It was designed to accommodate front and rear racks and fenders. It can be built geared or single and has clearance for large 42c tires.

The geometry of the frameset is a mix of traditional road and randonneur geos with a relatively short rear end and a bottom bracket that’s lower than a road bike. This gives the bike agile handling and increased stability when loaded. The lower BB also helps you descend gravel roads like a champ.

Its load capacity is 30lbs in the rear and 20lbs in the front. These numbers allowed us to choose tubing that is stiff enough to handle a multi-week excursion, yet still rides beautifully and comfortably for unloaded road and gravel adventures.

One of the coolest aspects of the Space Horse project was getting the opportunity to improve upon existing semi-horizontal dropouts (the traditional dropout for a bike of this style). While traditional semi-horizontals are excellent in their versatility, we felt their user experience and safety could be greatly improved. The small tab on the front of the dropout in combination with the adjustment screw means that the wheel is fixed in place like a vertical dropout system. You’ll never have to wonder where to get the best shifting. Simply place the wheel fully forward in the dropout and you’re done. 

Its 612 Select frame features our custom head badge, brazed-on signature seat collar, signature semi-horizontal dropouts and custom bottom bracket. There are double eyelets on the dropout, mid-blade mounts on the fork and reinforcements on the bottle bosses. We’ve also included a pump peg and internal top tube cable routing. Finish it off with an E.D. coating for rust prevention and our beautiful wet paint.”

And a review from Bicycle Times:



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