Custom Vintage Steel Trek, Deep Blue-Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update


Well, this bike isn’t quite what you’d call a baby blue, but it still brings to mind the excellent song by Badfinger.  Of course, the four English lads were at the peak of their recording efforts a good decade or so before this fine bicycle frame was made, by Trek, here in the United States of America.  The connection may be fleeting, and based solely in color and not in time and space, but still it had to be made….


Whatever you’d like to call the color, it sure is a beauty.  I believe it is a Trek 510 frame, made with the Reynolds 501 tubing, and is definitely from the early-to-mid 80’s.  There are some cool information on some of these vintage Treks available here.  A nice dose of old-school descriptive advertising for you.


In some of the pictures here you’ll see the unique textured effect, nicely done by the folks down at Champion Powder Coating.  When it came back to us, we decided to modernize the whole setup by outfitting it with 10-speed Shimano Ultegra-level shifters, an 11/30 10-speed cassette, a compact double crankset with outboard bearings, and a Soma cockpit featuring the Sutro stem and the very comfortable and ergonomic Highway One handlebar.


Plenty of clearance for wider tires and even some fenders, if desired.


Nearly everything is new on this bike, and in frame build quality and component choice it compares very favorably to new machines such as the Surly Pacer, but has the clean lines of a classic rig. The seat tube measures 61cm and the top tube 58 cm (both center-to-center measurements), so if you’re in the 6’0″ to 6’3″ range and want a versatile road bike with a loads of  style and functionality, come check it out sometime.




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