Detroit Bikes – Bicycles Made in the USA @Pedal Revolution

The folks at Detroit Bikes sent Pedal Revolution a couple of their bicycles to check out recently. The craftsmanship and styling of these bikes is excellent. The full 4130 chromoly steel frame sets are welded from start to finish in Detroit, Michigan. This is a unique thing in the bike industry where most bicycles and bicycle parts are produced overseas. It’s exciting to see a small company with a business plan that is based around US manufacturing.

Detroit nailed the look with two classically styled bikes. The Type A and Type B are both are comfortable upright city bikes complete with fenders, rear rack, chain guard, mid-width all weather tires, matte powder coat finish, and Shimano Nexus three speed internally geared drivetrains.

Follow the link for info about Detroit Bikes and their US manufacturing.


photo 1


photo 1

Type A and Type B models

photo 2

photo 5

photo 3

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

photo 4

starling5 starling4 starling3


Photos from the Detroit Bikes factory in Detroit, Michigan…

Frames-Hanging Measuring-002 Spokes-on-Wheels


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