Missing a Bianchi Lupo? Contact Pedal Rev! Stolen Bike Recovered!

Over the weekend Pedal Revolution Intern Supervisor/Bicycle superhero Angela recovered a stolen bicycle. The story went like this…

Dude comes into the shop and asks if we work on stolen bikes?! Angela thinking quickly says “We can take a look at it, is that bike stolen?”. Dude responds, “Yes, I just bought it off a guy in the neighborhood who stole it.”

Angela takes the bike in the service area to look it over, Dude goes to get money. Angela recognized the the guy who brought the bike in as someone who had come in a few days ago with a different (likely stolen bike). Odds are that he is the thief.  When he returns Angela tells him that we cannot work on the bike because it has locking skewers which he doesn’t have a key for, and because the bike is stolen, we cannot let him leave with it. Dude looks a little confused. Angela tells him to go find the bike thief and get his money back, gives him our shop business card if he has any further questions and tells him that we will contact the police and track down the owner.

He probably won’t be back any time soon.

So we have a very nice relatively new Bianchi Lupo at the shop that needs to be re-connected with it’s rightful owner. The bike is not registered through SAFE bikes the SFPD bike registry program (REGISTER YOUR BIKES PEOPLE!) but we are reaching out to the SFPD to see if a police report has been filed for it. If you know of anyone who has had a Bianchi Lupo stolen recently, have them get in touch with Pedal Revolution.


Pedal Staff



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