Surly Superfan Coupon!!! $150 of any complete Surly at Pedal Revolution

The folks over at Surly Bikes have decided that a sweet little promotion is in order to kickstart the new year and thus, the Superfan Coupon is born!

11480_Surly Super Fan Final

The Surly Superfan Coupon works towards any in stock floor Surly bike (or towards a special ordered one!) and allows you the customer to knock $150 bucks off of purchase price at the register (this counts for sales bikes as well!). This is a great opportunity to pick up that Surly dream bike you’ve been lusting after. Pedal Revolution has good inventory in Surly Crosscheck and Long Haul Trucker models and a number of sizes that are 2014’s on sale. This is the best deal we’ve ever seen from Surly. The Superfan Coupon offer expires April 1st! Do not miss this!!

dylancross LRW_3467 xcheckcustom1



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