$150 Off any Surly Bike…even already discounted sale bikes at Pedal Revolution!!!

I’m posting this again because it’s such a fantastic deal. The Surly Superfan Coupon lets you take $150 off any model Surly complete bike in store or special ordered, and 2014 sale priced Surly’s at Pedal Revolution. This offer only goes until April 1st and Surly’s are already flying out of the shop. Do not miss this opportunity!

Pedal Revolution has all of our 2014 Surly Cross Checks and Long Haul Truckers on sale right now to which you can knock another $150 off with the Superfan Coupon. Just come on in and we’ll show you how it works. We have a good stock of size runs in both bikes or we can also order you a particular size or color and still apply the coupon discount. If you’re dreaming about a new bike for summer adventures don’t sleep on this….


Belinda and Toni and the girls really don’t want you to blow this chance…

11480_Surly Super Fan Final

Code “666-420” people.


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