A tale of two bicycles

Mechanically, one of the fun (and challenging) things about working at Pedal Revolution is the the diversity of bicycles we work on.  Recently, on the same day, I (Joel) worked on two really rad but very different rides.

One of them was a full assembly of a new Norco Sight full-suspension mountain bike, version A 7.1.  This is an awesome trail bike with all of the latest features; very adjustable suspension, dropper seat-post, 27.5″ (aka 650B or most specifically E.T.R.T.O. 584mm) size wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless tires, clutch rear derailleur, and through axle mounted hubs.  This bike is sure to be a blast to ride in places  like Annadel State Park, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Downieville.


The other bike, a vintage lugged steel champagne Centurian randonneuring bike, received a new Honjo fenders and…

frenchrearwheelfrenchfrontwheela Velo Orange mini front rack


with a removable bag decaleur.


The Honjo fenders come completely un-drilled with no mounting hardware installed.  Their position is thus determined by the mechanic to optimize even and harmonious aesthetic lines with the tires, frame tubes, and accessories like the above front rack.  Each mounting is unique and there is little margin for error.  The process, involving removing and installing the wheels, measuring and tweaking, over and over again can be painstaking.   I was very pleased with how this project turned out.



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