Panasonic Sport 500 Lugged Steel Single Speed 52cm @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Just a few years ago rampant colored accessories reared their brightly colored heads in the bike world once again. Colored rims, cranks, pedals, bars, tires…you name it, the kids couldn’t get enough. They’d pile into the shop – hands sweating, eyes glazed, and outfit their bikes with anything colorful they could swoop up. Cooler heads have weathered the most recent color storm in bike culture (those of you that have been on this merry-go-round for a minute might remember past color tornados in the bike industry like the 80’s mountain bike paint schemes and anodizing craze). Things have calmed down once again to a more neutral palate.

This little gem gives a nod to the colorful fixie craze a few years back, but keeps it classy and classic! A beautiful silver Japan built Panasonic lugged frame set teamed up with some nice parts and a bold set of pink hoops we’ve had floating around Pedal Revolution just waiting on the right friend. This bike is pure fun. Set up as a single speed but with the option to run fixed gear if so desired. Hey, the kids are alright.

52cm Seat tube with a 56cm top tube.


photo 1

photo 3

photo 5 photo 4

photo 2



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