New Albion Homebrew Custom 56cm @Pedal Revolution New Bike Update

New Albion is a San Francisco based bike brand that understand the beauty of the classic bicycle era. Their name is a nod to Sir Francis Drake, the English explorer/privateer who during his circumnavigation of the globe and raids on Spanish flotilla’s landed somewhere on the Northern California coast which he dubbed “New Albion”.

8_7_drake (1)

(Sir Frank pictured above in a more reflective moment)

The Homebrew is one of their road bike offerings. Typically sold as a drop bar road bike, the Homebrew is a perfect option for modification and customization. The versatility of this bike lends itself well to handlebar swaps and a variety of riding styles. Designed as a classic lightweight steel road bike, it also makes an excellent everyday commuter and light tourer.  Outfitted with a good assortment of braze-ons, the Homebrew will accommodate most front and rear racks, a wide range of tire sizes, and fenders.

Pedal Revolution built this one up as a comfortable upright do-all bike. Add a basket to the front and a rack on the back and you’d have a great commuter/weekend touring bike. We added a classy Soma Sutro stem to compliment the San Francisco Bay (“New Albion”) headbadge, a Wald tourist bar, IRD friction thumbshifters, retro-styled Tektro brake levers, Panaracer Pasela tires, a softer saddle, and cork grips. Come by and check this and the other New Albion bike offerings. Lovely well-thought out bikes for many types of riding.

56cm – $965.








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