$150 Off All Surly Bikes Superfan Coupon Ends April 1st!!

That’s right! Surly the gruff and lovable brand of do – all steel bike goodness is bestowing a super sweet deal upon their customers. Up until April 1st 2015 you can knock $150 of the price of ANY complete Surly bicycle with the Superfan coupon. Even bikes on sale already! The list of Surly bike models is long and varied. If you’ve had your eye on a Cross-check or are dreaming of a summer filled with bike touring and are lusting over that Long Haul trucker, now’s your chance. Maybe your sights extend even further. You want to go wanderlust and roam the Australian Outback on a fatbike like the Pugsley, Krampus, or ECR? Maybe your touring plans are more in line with some mountain biking that includes a couple of sleep-outs, in which the Surly Troll or Ogre would be a great match.


If you can dream up a bike-related adventure, Surly has you covered in the bike department. If you aren’t familiar with Surly (you’re living under a rock!) take a look at the online reviews, read the blog, ask a bike mechanic why they are so beloved in the industry.

11480_Surly Super Fan Final

Pedal Revolution has good inventory of Surly Cross checks and Long Haul Truckers right now and the 2014 models are all on sale! That means you get the sale price plus the $150 Superfan discount. We are also happy to order whichever Surly bike you want as long as it’s by April 1st, the discount will apply. This deal won’t come around again soon. Don’t blow it.

logans-lht-1000 lht-spec4 lht-08 ECR_Beige_wholebike_main bike_touring_basics BigDummy 8713025983_7832537bec_z 7098519855_54c3aea303

bicycle-touring-new-zealand 20140821-142309 bike_touring_basics




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