“Green Glitter” 57cm Road Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

Another classic road bike, this one a bare-frame-up build, is available here at Pedal Revolution.  It came together nicely, and received the usual assortment of (mostly) new parts. Highlights include a Shimano/Mavic wheelset, high-polish Tektro brakes, Soma Highway One handlebar, and Panaracer Pasela 700 x 28 tires.  The frame is mid-to-late 80’s Japanese steel and was nicely repainted by the folks down at Champion Powder Coating.


It’s a fun but somewhat time-consuming process to build a bike from a bare frame, but it allows the mechanic a lot of creative freedom with the build.  The idea with this bike, as the above parts suggest, was to create a classic-looking bike that rides like a much more modern machine.  After the fundamentals of the bike are nailed down, the mechanic is free to express a certain modicum of artistic expression.  In the case of this bike, this involved me deciding that Deda Chianti bar tape and grey cable housing would mesh well with the the paint job.  You are free to disagree! Some of my beloved co-workers were of the opinion grey bar tape would have been better, but I just love that chianti…



With all the new parts and paint this bike received, it can be reasonably compared to a number of new steel bikes on the market.  It has a similar frame geometry and intended range of use as a new bike we stock, the Soma Smoothie ES.  Though the bikes do differ in important ways (the Soma has more mounting points for racks and fenders, a little more tire clearance, and a SRAM  Apex 10-speed drivetrain), it’s interesting to compare them.  The aesthetics of the Green Glitter road bike you see here are arguably better, with the classic lugged frame and polished quill stem, but that’s a subjective judgement.  The Soma’s frame is a little stiffer and likely is faster accelerating, but it’s also likely that the Green Glitter rig will feel a little more lively under you. Both bikes are capable machines, and if you’re in the market for a nice steel road bike (and are around 5’9″-5′-11″, at least for the green bike–we have the complete size run of the Soma), come on by and enjoy a test ride!

green sparkle1


With this bike, I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have donated bikes and parts to us.  On this particular bike the Ultegra shifters and Shimano 600 crankset were both donated pieces, and utilizing them helped us to build a nice-looking, smooth-riding classic rig that we can offer at a fair price.  The generosity of people who donate to Pedal Revolution helps allow us to continue to provide internships for local youth, and we appreciate them greatly.


56cm Green Glitter road bike

$950 SOLD


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