Pedal Rev Births Twins!! Matching Centurion Le Mans Bikes @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

58 cm SOLD!!!

52 cm avail. $625

There was that extra bright moon last week. I don’t think any comets have blown over us recently but cosmic forces are seemingly at work at Pedal Revolution. We received these two Centurion Le Mans bikes as separate donations recently, about a week apart. Imagine our thrill envisioning the possibilities for “Twin” Rebuilds in the refurbished bikes department.

The result is a complimentary  set of lovely 80’s Japanese lugged Steel road styled frames in classic brown and gold color scheme. One is a Mixte (step-through) style…great for ease of getting on an off the bike, especially if you’ve got a loaded basket on the front (we recommend!). The other is a traditional diamond frame style. Refurbished bike visionary Mechanic Todd built us both of these from bare frames to mirror each other. All new components were added including sealed bearing-double walled-rim wheel sets, 1×7 drivetrains, sturdy Vittoria Randonneur tires, Velo Orange Milan swept back handlebars, and dual pivot brakes.

They are both set up for everyday riding with a comfortable semi-upright seated position, perfect simplified gearing for flats and hills. Both of these bikes are lighter than most new contemporary hybrid bikes due to the lively and lightweight steel tubing used which also make for a very supple and smooth ride. The step-through  model measures about a 52cm -perfect for someone 5’2″ -5’6″ and goes for $625.

They are not conjoined twins and can definitely be sold separately. However, if you happen to know any of those wacky couples who like to dress alike when they go out, point them in the direction of Pedal Rev. We’ve got their bikes!

Pedal Rev has a great selection of Refurbished bikes on the floor right now! Come and pick up one of these one-of-a-kind unicorns and improve your life by 63.75% immediately.

photo 5


photo 2 photo 2


photo 3  photo 4

Things are getting weird…

photo 4

photo 1

photo 1

photo 3



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