Peugeot “Limestone” All – Arounder @Pedal Revolution Custom Used Bikes

This unique Peugeot “Limestone” frame-set was donated recently. I hadn’t seen this model before but it’s an early hybrid frame design from 89′ with a tig welded steel frame with recreational road bike geometry. Designed somewhere between an early Hybrid bike and a Cross/Touring bike. It has cantilever brake mounts for big tire/fender clearance. We built it up with all new parts, a vintage set of Shimano friction bar-end shifters, a flipped Soma Oxford bar mounted to a high rise stem, and Panaracer Pasela tires. This set up provides the comfort of a swept back handlebar with a slightly more forward position on the bike for efficient climbing.

Sized at 55cm. Ideal for someone 5’7″ to 5’11”.

$549. SOLD!


peu6 peu4 peu3 peu1


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