Burley Duet Tandem @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Burley Duet Tandem

Burley Duet Tandem

Springtime must be the season for lovers and good friends here at Pedal Revolution.  Thanks to the benevolence of a generous donor we were given the opportunity to rehabilitate and foster this awesome Burley Duet tandem bicycle, a bicycle built for two!


A two for one special!

This American made bicycle had been well cared for and was equipped with very nice parts (really strong tandem wheels with lots of extra spokes and wide rims) so it did not require a visionary make-over.


Made In Oregon!

What it did receive was a new fork (fear not, the original fork was not damaged in an accident and merely had a destroyed brake boss), handlebar (Soma Highway One: need I say Pedal Revolution staff favorite?), durable and reliable bar end shifters (the original integrated “brifters” were worn out),  and new Shimano V Brakes and comfortable linear/long-pull Tektro Levers.


A Real Talking Point

Under no circumstance was this mechanic/parts curator ditching this suspension seat-post that arrived with the bike.  In addition to having a name that is both provocative and evocative, it has a certain utility on a tandem bike since the stoker (rider in the rear) really has to remain seated and is unable to lift off the saddle to avoid sudden bumps in the road the the pilot (rider in the front) can see.

As you can see from the above video of the twins this bike is a blast to ride.  If you have never ridden a tandem before you really must try it out.  Being able to actually ride with someone and work together to cycle over a distance is a real thrill (and you can really get moving quickly with two people powering the bike).  Perhaps the greatest part of the experience is the ease with which tandem riders can converse with one another.  When you and a partner (friend, lover, bff, team member, twin brother, etc) tandem, you are really riding together.   Unlike another recent pair of refurbished bikes at Pedal Revolution, that have incidentally already been split up, the tandem is an inextricably linked cycling union.

Awesome Logo

Awesome Logo

Burley Duet – $1500




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