Cannondale Green Machine! @Pedal Revolution Custom Refurbished Bikes Update

I lusted after a “Green Machine” as a kid. It was like a “Big Wheel” on steroids. Nobody was gonna step to your skid game if you had one of those. Unfortunately, I never graduated beyond a plain old “Big Wheel” and my skid game remained very junior varsity. Anybody else out there remember this thing?!


Pedal Revolution has dug deep on this one and brought our fantasy to life.


Classic Cannondale SM700 mountain bike frame with one of those killer paint jobs that made the era so special. Who wouldn’t want a black bike with green splatter?! Don’t feel like you have to answer that question. Pedal Mechanic(a) Extraordinaire Angela rebuilt this one up with a nod to the classic bike it once was. Kitted with an original Shimano XT drivetrain, semi-knob tires, updated brakes, shifters, levers, and Ahearne handlebar this gem is ready for street or trail use. It would definitely make for the coolest bike in the boring commuter bike rack line up at work. Crackled paint pedals, “Green Machine” inspired ESI Silicone grips and matchy match green cable housing for extra flair points.

18″ fits 5’7″ – 5’11”

$350. SOLD!


can5 can4 can3 can2


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