Schwinn Breeze @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Schwinn choice

Gee whiz, there have been a lot of cool winds whipping down 21st street this week but none quite like this Schwinn Breeze step-through three-speed with kickstand (it’s built right into the frame)!

scwhwinn secondary

A ordinary cruiser for the common people.

schwinn bar

The component highlight on this British inspired Yankee manufactured three-speed is the  Pedal Revolution staff Joel and Todd favorite Sturmey Archer AW hub (disambiguation: Always Works and not to be confused with the vastly inferior TCW model, aka The Crappy Won).

schwinn sturmey

 Imagine riding this bike headstrong into the haze of another foggy San Francisco sunset.

schwinn sunset

The ideal owner of this bike will be of shorter stature and enjoy taking in the view more than speeding along, not be unnerved by some of the slight elevation changes that can occur on some of San Francisco’s flatter cycling routes, and be experiencing a pecuniary pinch.

$275 – Schwinn Breeze Step-Thru 3-Speed 



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