“Blue Velvet” Custom 50cm Mixte @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

The paint on this beautiful mixte has some sparkle to it as well, but also a nice velvety quality.  And it doesn’t matter if you prefer the Bobby Vinton version or maybe the new one by Lana Del Rey…..

In all seriousness this style of bike is one of our favorites here at Pedal Revolution. It’s got a simple single-chainring with a wide-range rear set of gears, good for going up most of the hill’s you’ll encounter cruising this fine city.  All the parts, aside from the frame, are new.  They’ve been chosen for their durability, style, and comfort–you’ll find some of our favorite pieces on this bike:  Shellaced grips, Panaracer pasela tires, and some Velo Orange Milan handlebars taking care of steering duties.  The bike ought to be a good fit for somebody in the 5’0″ to 5’5″ neighborhood.  Come check it out today!!


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