Norco Dealer Trip to Downieville with Pedal Revolution


Donald was all smiles despite some flesh wounding!

The last weekend in May, some of the Pedal Revolution staff members  were able to attend a Norco Bike sponsored trip to Downieville (CA) for two days of mountain biking and two nights of camping in the Sierras.  Shuttles up to the top of Packer Saddle were provided by Downieville Outfitters.  The other shops in the mix were BlisworksThe Spoke, Calabazas Cyclery, Shoreline, and Sprockets.



Todd “Trail Boss” Baribault: 32 Chainring with 36 tooth granny gear on a 29er

Although the town is famous for its 17 miles of “downhill” the first day we did an alternate ride called Big Boulder, that involved quite a lot of climbing that awarded riders and stunning view.


Or a choice spot for a nap…



The Campground was the site of abundant nourishment, mosquitoes and good cheer.


The Yuba River allowed Steve and Todd an opportunity to try their luck on the local trout population.


One would think those poor fish wouldn’t stand a chance with the likes of these two great outdoorsmen.


Just look at the steely eyed gaze of the Angler native to Vermont, The Green Mountain state, clearly more at home in the wild than in the urban environs of San Francisco.


Contemporary fashion choices among the male mountain bike sector are a joy to behold in nature.


A fun little video of the adventure:

Although no fish were caught, a great time was had by all.  Many thanks to Mike Ralph, our awesome Norco sales representative for organizing and funding the trip.  We really appreciate all that you do for us.


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