Baby Blue 62cm Trek 1420 Road Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

One of the great things about working on older bikes is the their ability to make one consider their origins.  I guess this applies to most any item that’s been manufactured or made; every physical object possesses some sort of a history, however trivial and mundane it may be.


In this case, we’re looking at a Trek 1420 road bike, frame manufactured in Waterloo, WI, within about a year of Mikhail Gorbachev’s announcement that the U.S.S.R. had dissolved.  This is a well-made aluminum frame, featuring mid-sized diameter tubes that are plenty strong but not so huge that they result in a overly harsh, stiff ride.  Adequate clearance for the Soma Terracotta 700 x 28 tires is a nice feature, and the (relatively) wider tire does a good job of soaking up some of the harshness of this city’s rough streets.



The bike is indeed very light, and built up as you see in these pictures the bike  weighs just over 23 pounds.  Highlights of the build include the Soma Sutro/Highway One bar combo, IRD Drillium brake levers, and indexed bar-end shifters.  These shifters were originally on the downtube, but with the addition of shift pods I (Todd) mounted them on the bar end.  Ergonomics are actually quite good with them there.


The bike’s got a triple crankset for a good low gear, new WTB saddle, and some nice MKS touring pedals.  Come check it out today–good for a rider about 6′ to 6’4″, depending upon his or her particular proportions.



Custom Powdercoated Fuji Mixte 1×7 @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bikes Update

This gem was completed and put on the floor last week at Pedal Revolution. A classic lugged steel Fuji mixte with a new powdercoat and all new parts. We built it up as a 1×7 for a perfect amount of gears for everyday use. Panaracer Pasela tires, Soma bars and stem, shellac’d cork grips and a Brooks saddle complete the picture.


$825. SOLD.


ormixte5 ormixte4 ormixte3


Specialized Sirrus Hybrid Commuter 13″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

A superb condition Specialized Sirrus in sexy matte black on the floor in the heavily visited Pedal Revolution refurbished bike department. This little number is a 13″ and sized for a human of smaller stature…around  4’7″ – 5’2″.

$500. SOLD.


sirrus2 sirrus3 sirrus4

Jamis Exile 17″ Urban Commuter @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

While I didn’t have the chance to speak with the Jamis marketing department about the name of this bike, I’m curious to hear of their rationale.  If this is bike is the Exile, the question remains: Exile from where, and for what?  My best guess is that when the bike was originally sold, sometime in the mid-1990’s, they used the word to connote some kind of outlaw status; since it was originally a mountain bike, maybe it could take the rider into a temporary and pleasant exile into the woods, away from the hustle and frustration of modern society…


I know this working analysis is questionable at best, but being exiled usually isn’t a good thing.  Though sometimes a positive spin can be put on it, as it’s true that an exile from a particular place or thing can result in a person gaining new knowledge and experience.


This was certainly the case for the Rolling Stones in the spring of 1971. Faced with onerous tax burdens in England and intense police surveillance due to the members’ drug use, the band simply moved their recording base to the Nellcote mansion in the south of France.  The venue played an crucial role in setting the tone for their 1972 double-LP masterpiece, Exile on Main Street.  It’s the album that features some personal favorites including “Tumbling Dice” and “Shine a Light,” and the album in its entirety is some of the best of rock’n roll you’ll find.


Returning to this Jamis Exile for a moment, you’ll find that it’s ready for most anything the urban jungle can dish out.  It’s got a Surly fork, new brakes, tough Panaracer Tourguard tires, and a Velo Orange Milan handlebar that’s comfortable but not too “cruisered out”.  Like all of our refurbished bikes, it’s got new cables & housing, and a new chain & cassette.  Great for a discerning rider around 5’4″ to 5’7″.  Come test ride it today and get your own exile on!!



Beyond Fab. Full Carbon 58cm Road Bike @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

While we at Pedal Revolution are more known for offering affordable commuter bikes and steel-framed road and touring bikes, occasionally we’ll have something a little different depending upon the donations we receive.  This full carbon bike is definitely something we don’t often have, and is an excellent option for a taller rider (about 6′) who wants a light, fast, and pretty unique road racing bike.


A few weeks ago a gentleman kindly donated two Beyond Fabrications frames (further info is available Beyond Fabrications; they are a small Mountain View-based company).  The framesets seem to retail for about $3000, and while this one is not new it is in very good shape.  A thorough examination revealed only a couple minor scuffs, and no damage whatsoever to the carbon weave.


We sat on them for awhile but last week I (Todd) eyed the frame upstairs and built it up with a Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 groupset.  It’s got a Shimano 105-level road wheelset wrapped with Continental Gatorskin tires. The cockpit has been updated with a Deda Elementi handlebar with Deda Chianti bar tape, and we included some nice MKS pedals as well.



The 10-speed Dura-Ace components are a pleasure to use, offering crisp shifting and sleek aesthetics.  After building up the bike and riding it, I found myself questioning my own notions about carbon bikes–the fact of the matter is that this bike is light, stiff, and feels faster than most any bike I’ve ridden.  All in all, a very nice machine–she weighs in at just under 18 lbs without pedals.


Fuji – Mt. Fuji Touring Bike 55cm @Pedal Revolution Custom Bike Update

Fuji, Mt. Fuji

Another day, and another gem of a refurbished bicycle is here at Pedal Rev.  This cycle started its life as a higher end Mt. Fuji mountain bike from what I (Nolan) believe to be a 1980.  This lugged steel steed was created in the magical time when bicycles were expected to do more: your mountain bike was your touring bike, your commuting bike, and your beverage bike.  Quality steel, comfortable geometry, copious eyelets and more made this bike an exemplary all-in-one eighties powerhouse.

mt fuji

While the Mt. Fuji is a great bike, this particular Mt. Fuji was in a bit of a bad way when it arrived at Pedal Rev as a donation.  Distressed paint, and parts worn beyond repair left us wondering: “What were we to do?”  Champion Powder Coating provided us with a screaming matte green paintjob (thanks y’all!), and a new parts build got this bike back in fighting shape. While the bike was originally built with a riser bar, we built it with the cockpit of a touring/randonneuring bike.  Randonneuring bicycles seem to be all the rage right now and the newly dubbed Mt. Fuji Destroyer falls in with the best of them.  Our Destroyer has traditional road bar/levers and bar end shifters to allow for multiple riding positions.  The wide range 3×9 drivetrain give the bike plenty of gears to tackle the hills, while a powerful set of cantilever brakes provide enough Umph! to stop after bombing down said hills.  26” wheels and the perennial Pasela PT tire round out the build. Just when you thought the Destroyer couldn’t get any better, we added some flair in the form of a color correct Velocity H2O cage, and wrapped the drive side chainstay with black Newbaum’s cloth bar tape for a real curated look. The Willys Jeep is (matte) green with envy.   

This bicycle measures out to a 55cm, and would work be perfect for a rider 5’9”-6’. Come in and put some fun between your legs.


mt fuji4 mt fuji2 mt fuji5 mt fuji3

Lemond 853 Reynolds Steel Road Bike 54cm @Pedal Revolution Custom Bike Update

Steel bicycles have had a cadre of die-hard fans who appreciate their smooth ride quality and long-term durability. In an era where much of what we consume is becoming more and more dispose-able, short life spans in products are less and less relevant. That fancy new smart phone you just got will soon be overshadowed by the slightly updated version coming out in six months.  Fortunately, if you do a little research, a bicycle can still be purchased that will last for many years of consistent service. This custom rebuilt Lemond road bike is a fine example of a classic lightweight steel-framed bicycle that has many years of service to give. Built from Reynolds 853 tubing, this is a performance designated bike designed to go fast and handle quickly. The vibration dampening compliance that the steel frame provides is noticeable when travelling over rough roads or after long hours in the saddle.  This bike was refurbished with a well-rounded parts grouping including a Shimano 105 drivetrain and brakeset, brand new Shimano tiagra 9 speed shifters, Soma Highway One compact handlebar, and durable Vittoria Randonneur tires.

It’s sized at 54cm  and would be a great fit for a rider 5’5″ – 5’9″.

$900. SOLD


lemond16 lemond14    beyond10 beyond9