Jamis Exile 17″ Urban Commuter @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bicycle Update

While I didn’t have the chance to speak with the Jamis marketing department about the name of this bike, I’m curious to hear of their rationale.  If this is bike is the Exile, the question remains: Exile from where, and for what?  My best guess is that when the bike was originally sold, sometime in the mid-1990’s, they used the word to connote some kind of outlaw status; since it was originally a mountain bike, maybe it could take the rider into a temporary and pleasant exile into the woods, away from the hustle and frustration of modern society…


I know this working analysis is questionable at best, but being exiled usually isn’t a good thing.  Though sometimes a positive spin can be put on it, as it’s true that an exile from a particular place or thing can result in a person gaining new knowledge and experience.


This was certainly the case for the Rolling Stones in the spring of 1971. Faced with onerous tax burdens in England and intense police surveillance due to the members’ drug use, the band simply moved their recording base to the Nellcote mansion in the south of France.  The venue played an crucial role in setting the tone for their 1972 double-LP masterpiece, Exile on Main Street.  It’s the album that features some personal favorites including “Tumbling Dice” and “Shine a Light,” and the album in its entirety is some of the best of rock’n roll you’ll find.


Returning to this Jamis Exile for a moment, you’ll find that it’s ready for most anything the urban jungle can dish out.  It’s got a Surly fork, new brakes, tough Panaracer Tourguard tires, and a Velo Orange Milan handlebar that’s comfortable but not too “cruisered out”.  Like all of our refurbished bikes, it’s got new cables & housing, and a new chain & cassette.  Great for a discerning rider around 5’4″ to 5’7″.  Come test ride it today and get your own exile on!!




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