Flat Repair Clinic Wednesday, May 27th!


Immediately after closing at 7pm on Wednesday, May 27th, Pedal Revolution will be hosting a flat repair workshop. Plan for a hands-on experience (don’t wear your best clothes and bring your bicycle!) that will end by 9pm.


The event is being sponsored by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and you can register through them here.


Flat tires are an unfortunate part of riding and every cyclist should be able to roadside repair a flat tire.   This comprehensive clinic will be about 1/2 instruction and 1/2 active participation.  Topics discussed will be tire construction, flat diagnoses, tool terminology, and top tips for successful repair and prevention.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition helped us promote a flat clinic last year and it was a real blast.  Check out this recap!

Miyata “Lime Gold Sparkle” Custom Refurbished Bike 57cm @Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update

Hot off the stand and onto the sales floor is this rebuilt Miyata. Fresh with a new powder coat we’ve dubbed “Lime Gold Sparkle” this single speed makes for a great utility bike. City friendly gearing, Durable Vittoria Randonneur tires, and a host of all new parts complete this classic frame-set. Size 57cm makes it a comfortable fit for someone 5’10”-6’1″. $675. miyata6   miyata3 miyata4 miyata1 miyata7 miyata5

Pedal Revolution is Seeking a Full-Time Bicycle Mechanic!

Pedal Rev has an opening for a full-time bike mechanic!

Candidates must possess prior bike shop experience, excellent diagnostic and mechanical service skills and enthusiastic customer service and sales abilities. Experience working with young adults is a plus.

Check out the job description and check out our website to find out about our unique and diverse bike shop. If you think you are the perfect fit, send us an email to theshop@pedalrevolution.org with your resume and let us know why you’d be a great match!RESIZEDTypographicBicycle_AARLINE_14x8.5

Job Description:

This Mechanic position requires a minimum of 2+ year experience in a professional bicycle service department, with excellent diagnostic and productive mechanical skills. Strong sales and customer service orientation is a must as well as the ability to work in a busy, fast-paced environment. Mechanic must be proficient in fixing new as well older and vintage bicycles quickly, competently, and creatively service and resale.




– Time-efficient and professional bicycle repairs, new and used bicycle assemblies, bicycle and accessory sales, and service writing.

-Ability to work on all levels of bikes to a high standard.

-Quickly diagnose, estimate, repair, and troubleshoot in a fast paced shop environment.

-Utilize a POS system for all sales and service transactions and service writing.

-Database management for parts inventory, service history, orders.

-Assist management in ordering tools, accessories, parts.

-Weekend work shifts are required.

-Support management, service, and sales staff.

-Strong and motivated sales ability with regard to new bikes, refurbished bikes, and bicycle accessories.




-Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a mechanic and salesperson in a professional bicycle shop.

-Bike sales, accessories sales, and basic bike fitting experience

-Computer/internet literacy.

-Highly organized with attention to detail and clean work habits.

-Experience working in a group. Strong written and communication skills, ability to multi-task, display positive and courteous communication habits.

-Proficient computer skills with regard to inventory and service order issues.

-An enthusiastic, positive attitude and maintains patience under pressure at all times.

-Knowledge of current and past bicycle trends.

-Suspension and Hydraulic diagnostics and repair is a plus.

-Experience working with youth is a plus.


Description of Organization:


Pedal Revolution is a non-profit community-focused bicycle shop in the Mission District of San Francisco. The shop is a social enterprise that seeks to transform the lives of at-risk youth by providing work experience to young people who are taking a step to improve their lives through our internship training program.


Please email your resume to theshop@pedalrevolution.org and let us know why you’d be a good fit for our unique shop.


Do not contact store in person or by phone about job posting.


Full benefits are included with the full-time position.

Compensation: based on experience.

Schwinn Breeze @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Schwinn choice

Gee whiz, there have been a lot of cool winds whipping down 21st street this week but none quite like this Schwinn Breeze step-through three-speed with kickstand (it’s built right into the frame)!

scwhwinn secondary

A ordinary cruiser for the common people.

schwinn bar

The component highlight on this British inspired Yankee manufactured three-speed is the  Pedal Revolution staff Joel and Todd favorite Sturmey Archer AW hub (disambiguation: Always Works and not to be confused with the vastly inferior TCW model, aka The Crappy Won).

schwinn sturmey

 Imagine riding this bike headstrong into the haze of another foggy San Francisco sunset.

schwinn sunset

The ideal owner of this bike will be of shorter stature and enjoy taking in the view more than speeding along, not be unnerved by some of the slight elevation changes that can occur on some of San Francisco’s flatter cycling routes, and be experiencing a pecuniary pinch.

$275 – Schwinn Breeze Step-Thru 3-Speed 



“RUST NEVER SLEEPS!!” Custom 62cm Road Bike @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

I know it isn’t quite a rust color, more like brown, but we needed a way to link up with the excellent live Neil Young album.  I’ve also heard that Mr. Young is on the taller side himself, so if he happened to stroll into Pedal Revolution and request an cool-looking lugged steel road bike with some character, I’d probably point him in the direction of this machine.


The frame is a very light Centurion, one that used a lighter-weight Tange steel tubing.  It originates from sometime in the mid-to-late eighties.  This, incidentally, is also a time when Neil Young’s record sales were on the downswing; Young’s sales and influence had started to wane by the mid-80s.   Other first-generation rockers were feeling this fade from relevance as well, but Young managed to put out that timely 1989 hit, Rockin’ in the Free World.  No matter whether you like the song or not, it went to No. 2 on the Billboard charts and re-energized Young’s career.  Few other artists from that era have managed to pull off something similar; the Rolling Stones tried, but their last chart-topping songs (Start Me Up, Emotional Rescue) came during the early ’80s.  To be fair, the Stones had started a lot earlier than Neil Young and Keith and Mick weren’t getting along so well by the mid-’80s, but I guess none of that is even tangentially related to the fine “RUST NEVER SLEEPS” 62cm road bike we have for sale here at Pedal Rev.


A Beautiful textured finish!!


The light frame, along with a selection of lightweight yet durable components, results in a large-size steel road bike that weighs in at only 24 pounds.  It rides very smoothly on 700 x 28 Panaracer Pasela tires, and features some parts that are staff favorites here: a 44cm Soma Highway One handlebar, Soma Sutro stem, and a comfortable WTB Speed V saddle.  The nine-speed drivetrain is all new (aside from the Ultegra Shifters), and has a nice wide gear range to conquer most San Francisco hills.



Come check it out!


Raleigh Super Course Single Speed 52cm @Pedal Revolution Custom Refurbished Bikes Update

A classic Raleigh Supercourse frame set in red with white panels and chromed legs. Fully rebuilt as an everyday single speed. Utilizing the K.I.S.S. motto (Keep It Simple Stupid), this little whip is a perfect partner to rolling city adventures.

52cm makes it a great fit for someone sized between 5’2″ and 5’7″.