Schwinn Sierra 8 Speed Nexus Internally Geared Hub 21″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

This Schwinn Sierra began life as an early era mountain bike and has all the characteristics that made the bikes of that time so versatile: Steel frame, relaxed geometry, long wheel base, low-ish bottom bracket, rack and fender mounts. Early mountain bike design borrowed a lot from classic touring bikes and were designed to be comfortable for off-road touring rather than the popular type of “shredding” style riding done today on contemporary mountain bikes. These early bikes were so robust that a few decades later the frames are still going strong. We love receiving donations of these bikes and rebuilding them as dependable utility commuter bikes. In fact, a current inclination among many San Francisco bike couriers is to use a rebuilt early era mountain bike for delivery, rather than the tried and true fixed gear or steel road bike. They are more comfortable for long days in the saddle, cheap to repair and replace, can accommodate heavy loads, aren’t flashy looking (theft deterrent!), and can take a beating!

This one got the unique treatment of an internally geared Shimano Nexus 8 speed wheelset plus all the other goodies that we love – Continental Touring tires, WTB saddle, upright Wald handlebar, new brakes, and full fenders for the rainy days to come.

21″ fits a taller individual of  about  5’11”- 6’2″.

$450 SOLD


IMG_9955 IMG_9954 IMG_9953 IMG_9952


Raleigh Super Course Single Speed 52cm @Pedal Revolution Custom Refurbished Bikes Update

A classic Raleigh Supercourse frame set in red with white panels and chromed legs. Fully rebuilt as an everyday single speed. Utilizing the K.I.S.S. motto (Keep It Simple Stupid), this little whip is a perfect partner to rolling city adventures.

52cm makes it a great fit for someone sized between 5’2″ and 5’7″.

$500. SOLD!




Centurion Lemans 62cm Retro Town @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

pana1Today we finished another retro-style build here at Pedal Revolution—this Centurion has been completely rebuilt into a comfortable and reliable machine for zipping around the city.


For this bike, nearly everything was replaced; the only vintage item is the classy-looking Sugino crankset.  Highlights of the build include a Shimano/Mavic wheelset, IRD ratcheting thumb shifters, Soma Oxford handlebar, and a 9-speed 11/32 tooth cassette for a decent low gear.


The Centurion also features great stopping power via the new Tektro R539 brake calipers, controlled by the very cool looking retro-style levers.  And you’ll notice that the cork grips have been treated with shellac for better durability and a nice light-brown color.


There’s adequate clearance for fenders if you’re trying to make it a rain-friendly rig for the impending wet weather.

Come check it out today!!


Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/26/14: English Cruiser and The “Deal” with Used Bikes

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 3/26/14:

The staff at Pedal Rev have been busy cranking out a continual batch of refurbished bicycles of late…or as we like to refer to them in the contemporary parlance of our time and location as “Luxury Pre-owned Artisanal Pleasure Vehicles”.

The deal is this…Pedal Rev is a non-profit. We run a work-internship program right here in our bike shop for underprivileged youth from San Francisco. Young adults between the age of 16-21 can apply to work at the shop as paid interns for a six month period during which they learn about bicycles, bicycle repair, maintenance, assembly, and culture. They also gain retail experience, inventory, shipping/receiving experience and an opportunity to get  some basic job experience under their belt (not an easy feat for young folks dealing with challenges in our already fast paced and quickly evolving city). They leave the program with a certificate of completion, a valuable experience in learning what it takes to maintain a job, a schedule, responsibilities, expectations, and accountability to a workplace. They also leave Pedal Rev with new self-confidence, the ability to give and receive direction from others, and the experience of working side by side with others in a communally supportive environment. Last but not least they graduate from our internship well on their way to their next step, be it a next job, or enrollment in school and of course a bicycle which they built themselves!

Our customers appreciate this aspect of our shop and donate their old and unused bicycles and bicycle parts to Pedal Revolution from which we rebuild, refurbish, and transform them into mixture of new/used bikes ready for another long life of service and companionship. This also means that we receive a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes of bike donations which makes consistency a challenge. Pedal Revolution rebuilds a handful of these bikes each week and puts them on the sales floor for your perusal. We also post them complete with image, size, description and price on our blog (you’re already here!) and our Facebook page.

If you are dreaming of the perfect used bike (rebuilt with a robust assortment of new parts to ensure long term service and reliability) from Pedal Revolution, your best bet is to check our blog periodically or “Like” us on Facebook where you will receive the updates on used bikes on a weekly basis.

Below is a lovely and basic gem of a bike. An old English Royal Scot Coaster brake cruiser rebuilt and ready for casual rides at a leisurely pace. Call it a “Bar Bike”, a neighborhood rambler, call it whatever you’d like, just pleeeaase don’t take it to die an ignoble death on the Playa at Burning Man….or Do. Just don’t tell us about it.


52cm – $200. SOLD!

Rust4 Rust3 Rust2



Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 2-10-14: Peugeot Tundra Express

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 2-10-14:

Another classic do – all bike from yesterday. Rebuilt Peugeot early era mountain bike/Hybrid classed up for the city. Excitement stripes!!

$375 SOLD! – 22″.

peugeot3 peugeot2 peugeot1