Univega “Davey Jones Green” MTB Commuter 19″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

The rain and a chill in the air have slowed things down here at the shop and the fine mechanics at Pedal Revolution have been keeping busy building up a huge assortment of custom used bikes….almost too many to post! We have a good assortment of affordable commuter bike options as well as some nicer road, touring, and city bike rebuilds. Stop in and pay us a visit to see our latest offerings.

Here is a great deal of the day: A rebuilt Univega Alpina Uno set up for commuter duty with durable Continental City Ride tires. $325 for this bombproof steel framed utility bike!

19″ and an ideal fit for a rider 5’9″ – 6’1″.


IMG_9949 IMG_9950


‘MERICA! A Slightly Patriotic Specialized Rockhopper! @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Used Bike Update

Just in time for Independence Day, this patriotic little number just hit the floor at Pedal Revolution. A refurbished Specialized Rockhopper with timely red, white, and blue accents. Perfect for the July 4th parade or your general run-of-the-mill enthusiastically patriotic commute to work. – Update: SOLD

(ALSO! Works for patriotic Frenchies, FYI). Vive la France! Sacre Bleu! USA! USA! ‘MERICA!! etc. etc.




merica3 merica2 merica1

$350 SOLD!

Specialized Hardrock Commuter Conversion 18″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Specialized Hardrock commuter conversion. A total rebuild on this sweet purple fade frame. All new components in the build make for a reliable and comfortable daily rider.

20″ – Fits 5’10”- 6’1″

$475 SOLD!


hardrock6 hardrock5 hardrock4 hardrock3 hardrock2

Specialized Tropical Hard Rock “MK Ultra” Custom Touring Bike 13.5″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

We’ve dubbed this little Specialized Hard Rock Ultra the “Tropical MK Ultra”. It began it’s life as a rigid early mountain bike with an impeccable color scheme but after the folks at Pedal Revolution got their hands on it, it’s been morphed into a super sweet mini-touring bike. All new parts adorn this lightweight steel frameset including Shimano drivetrain and bar-end shifters, Soma Sutro quill stem and Highway One bars, WTB pro-gel saddle, Shimano wheelset with Panaracer Pasela touring tires. Ready for long rides or load it up with camping gear and head out on an adventure. The frame is rack ready and geared for touring. Compare this bike to a Surly Long Haul Trucker at a much lower price point…and it’s tiny!

The frame measures a 13.5″ and could comfortably fit someone around 4’8 – 5’3.




tropical7 tropical6 tropical5

tropical2 tropical 3

Miyata Valley Runner Step-Thru Hyrbrid 16″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

A sturdy gem of a step through hybrid bike. Originally designed as an early mountain bike, the Miyata “Valley Runner” has all the characteristics of the well made Japanese bikes from the 80’s. The lugged steel construction ensures this frame has many long years left of comfortable riding left in it. Rebuilt with all new wheels, tires, drivetrain, brakes, shifters, bars, and grips. We built this up to be an upright riding commuter bike ready to take a rack and/or basket for errand running and daily riding duties.

16″ –  Great fit for someone 5’2″ – 5’6″.





Unicorn Wünderbike with Japanese Excitement Striping @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Never a dull moment down here at Pedal Revolution. The latest exotic creature on the floor is this “Unicorn” dubbed frame. Someone was deeply in love with this bike and went to great lengths to  apply an extraordinary patina of weirdness to the frame. Most likely, this bike began it’s life as an early Japanese built rigid mountain bike (prob a Univega). Fast forward to sometime in the not so distant past where a stunning paint job (with a direct nod to the “Japanese excitement stripe” movement of the 80’s) was painstakingly applied. After that, Unicorn themed decals perfectly matched to the original Univega font were created and stuck on.

Aldous Huxley penned “The Doors of Perception” in 1954, extensively describing a mescaline trip he took over the course of an afternoon. His book has been cited as an early reference and pre-cursor to the psychedelic age that came after. It’s entirely possible that the owner of this bike was on some high grade mind expanders when they vision quested this incarnation into being. Regardless, you won’t need drugs to appreciate the majestically freaky awesomeness of this bike. We at Pedal Rev rebuilt it from the frame up into a great utilitarian machine ready for daily use or parade status. Commute on it and get ready for a lot of compliments. Dig it.

19″ – $385.


photo 3

photo 3

photo 1


photo 1

photo 4

photo 2 photo 4

photo 2



Diamond Back Ascent Ex 15″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Slammin’ paint scheme on this classic Diamond Back Ascent Ex frame. An early era mountain bike rebuilt into a tough little city bike complete with durable city tires and an upright handlebar.

15″ – $450 SOLD


Can you handle this epic 80’s paintjob? Eddie can…

db4 db3 db5