Specialized Expedition Commuter Bike 17″ @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Another great deal to be had! A nice condition Specialized Expedition commuter bike rebuilt with new wheels, drivetrain, tires, saddle, pedals, and cables/housing.

17″ fits 5’5″ – 5’10”

$300. SOLD


IMG_9958 IMG_9957


Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update: Schwinn Sierra Drop Bar Mountain Tour Bike

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update: Schwinn Sierra Drop Bar Mountain Tour Bike


It’s truly astounding the number of 80’s and 90’s vintage mountain bikes Pedal Revolution receives in donation (thank you generous benefactors). They are testament both to the number of these bikes sold during the original mountain bike boom and the quality of construction of these frames (FYI: their iron like strength, resilience, and durability is largely due to them being actually made of steel!).


By the standards of today, bikes like this Schwinn Sierra are terrible bikes for serious single-track mountain biking (ps. the flip side is also true that the super fun trail riding bikes of today are the absolute worst transportation bikes due to technological suspension overkill and lack of utilitarian features).  However, with some parts changes and updates these original off road specialty machines can be transformed into excellent city and transportation steeds.

The rear mounts for both fenders and rack are not something you will find on a 21st Century MTB

Just to mix things up from the rote Pedal Revolution older mountain bike becomes city bike genesis (street slicks replace knobby tires, new drive train parts, etc), a drop bar was added to this bike to give it some long ride and bike tour potential.

fall color

The orange bar wrap gives the bike some seasonal fall flair.  Front and rear fork eyelets add more easy fender and rack options.


Suntour Bar end shifters are just fantastic.  They were on some very cheap back in the day bikes (the Schwinn Sierra was not originally cheap or equipped with these).  Every micro friction shift with these units is an utter delight.  They are what I (Joel) use on my own touring bike!


This is a great all-purpose bike for someone about 6′ tall.  The large tires and strong frame with plenty of accessory mounts make a great bike for carrying large loads on bike trips around the city or across the country!


Schwinn Sierra 23″ : $550


Pedal Revolution Used Bicycle Update: Motobecane Step-Through 3-Speed

Pedal Revolution Used Bicycle Update: Motobecane Step-Through 3-Speed


Another Pedal Revolution original here.  This bike was donated with long obsolete 27″ wheels, a conventional derailleur drivetrain, a low long deep drop handlebar (i.e. uncomfortable) and a bric a brac of low-endish 80s parts.


The bike was reconstituted with a more upright Velo Orange Milan bar and svelte Tektro neo-retro levers (they look like a lot of levers on older bikes but benefit from stiffer cold forge construction and return springs for smoothness and greater cable life).


New 700c wheels with a Sturmey Archer 3-Speed internal gear hub replace the clunky and complex original drivetrain.  Soma Xpress terra cotta tires make another appearance here.  These are essentially a slightly more beefed up version of the Panaracer Pasela tires that get are often spotlighted on this blog.


The gold housing just looks really great. It jives well with the painted on logo but neither enhances or undermines the brake function.


The cork grips were heavily layered with shellac for good looks but they also don’t feel too bad.


The demi-mixte frame construction is totally wild.  Just prior to Pedal Revolution being donated this bike, I (Joel), had seen another one of these frames in the shop for the first time and it blew my mind.  So strange to have another one given to us so soon after that.  The unconventional frame construction and 3-Speed rebuild make this a super unique bike.


Burgundy (in New Orleans, they would call the color “Ber-gun-day”) Motobecane Step-Through 3-Speed:

$500 – A Good Ride for someone about 5’4″?


Scott Sportster Step-Through Commuter Hybrid @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Scott Sportster step-through hybrid bicycle. Upright and comfortable, this commuter bike is a great match for city streets.

17″ sized for 5’6″-5’10”

$489. SOLD


scott3 scott2

1970 Chicago Built Schwinn “Racer” 57cm Perfect condition @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

1970 Chicago built Schwinn “Racer”. This bike is in pristine condition with newly replaced tires, brake pads, cables/housing, chain, and pedals. For Schwinn fans out there, this is a real gem.

57cm fits 5’8″ – 5’11”




schw2 schw6 schw5 schw4 schw3 schw1

Schwinn Breeze @ Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Schwinn choice

Gee whiz, there have been a lot of cool winds whipping down 21st street this week but none quite like this Schwinn Breeze step-through three-speed with kickstand (it’s built right into the frame)!

scwhwinn secondary

A ordinary cruiser for the common people.

schwinn bar

The component highlight on this British inspired Yankee manufactured three-speed is the  Pedal Revolution staff Joel and Todd favorite Sturmey Archer AW hub (disambiguation: Always Works and not to be confused with the vastly inferior TCW model, aka The Crappy Won).

schwinn sturmey

 Imagine riding this bike headstrong into the haze of another foggy San Francisco sunset.

schwinn sunset

The ideal owner of this bike will be of shorter stature and enjoy taking in the view more than speeding along, not be unnerved by some of the slight elevation changes that can occur on some of San Francisco’s flatter cycling routes, and be experiencing a pecuniary pinch.

$275 – Schwinn Breeze Step-Thru 3-Speed 


Bridgestone 400 Drop-Bar Mixte @Pedal Revolution Custom Used Bikes

This beauty of a Bridgestone Mixte showed up recently at Pedal. It gave the owner many years of dutiful service but she was excited to donate it to the shop and see what magic we would cook up when we rebuilt it.

The frame looks to be an 86′ from the classic and much loved years of the Bridgestone bicycle era. Lugged steel construction and made in Japan for the American market, this bike was a balanced mix of utility and aesthetics. We, at Pedal Revolution do a fair amount of custom mixte rebuilds  and they are well appreciated by our customers and tend to sell rather quickly. For this Bridgestone we opted to take a different route than the typical classic upright city bike that the step-though style of bikes end up as. Enter the Drop bar! Setting this bike up with a drop bar and bar-end shifters was motivated by Pedal mechanic and custom used bike builder Todd. The idea was to maintain the classic look and charm of the frame but update it to the performance and versatility  of a more modern road/touring bike. Todd accomplished this by completely rebuilding the bike with new parts; a modern road wheel set allowed for a wider range rear cassette body of gears for easier climbing, matched to a compact range road crankset. Dual pivot brake calipers for stronger stopping power, Shimano 8 speed bar end shifters for reliable and streamlined shifting, and of course Pedal Rev favorites like a nice tall Nitto Technomic stem to get the Soma Highway 1 bar nice and level with the saddle, Panaracer Pasela tires in the “sweet-spot” 32mm width for comfy rolling on all road/non-road surfaces. This bike  is quick handling, lightweight and rides wonderfully. It’s sized as a 52cm and would fit an individual between 5’2″ and 5’6″ very well. Why don’t they make bikes like this anymore!? Oh wait, they do at Pedal Rev!




bridge6 bridge5 bridge4 bridge3 bridge2