Ross Coaster Mixte @Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update

Sweet little rebuilt Ross step-through coaster cruiser. New wheels, tires, brake pads, cables/housing, handlebar, grips, pedals. Great fit for someone between  5’1″ – 5’5″

49cm – $140.

ross3 ross2 ross1


Mercier Mini Velo: Pedal Revolution Refurbished Bike Update 6-29-14

Mercier Mini-Velo $350 SOLD!

For urban apartment dwellers and mixed modal transit riders (bike on Bart etc.) folding bicycles can be very appealing.  Unfortunately, there exists an enormous price/quality gap between the high-end folding bikes and  the more economical models.  The cheaper folding bikes tend to be very flexy when ridden, clumsy to fold, heavy and hard to move when folded, and outfitted with parts of very low grade.  Fortunately, there exists a third alternative, the mini-velo!












Lacking the increased engineering complexity and weight of a folding bike, mini-velos can be equipped with decent parts (light and durable) and sold at a reasonable price.  While they certainly can’t be reduced to the size of a folding bike, the mini-velos economise transit and storage space compared to a conventional bike and ride much nicer than a folding bike.












Another pitfall of folding bikes is that they are built “one size fits all”.  This Mercier mini will, despite what the sticker may say, likely fit humans of any age from about 5′ to 5’6″ tall.



Giant Suede Commuter/Cruiser : Refurbished Used Bike Update Pedal Revolution

Giant Suede Commuter/Cruiser.

This commuter oriented hybrid bike is designed for a rider who prefers a very upright seated position. The big comfy saddle, front shock, and wide tires won’t win any races but will give a smooth and leisurely ride.

A great fit for a less experienced rider or someone looking for a very stable and easy to ride bike.

Fit range: 4’10” – 5’4″

15″ – $275 SOLD!

giant3. giant2 giant1

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 8-26-13: Kids Bikes!!!

Pedal Revolution Used Bike Update 8-26-13:

Kids Bikes!!!

We received some great kids bikes at the shop the other day. They’ve been spruced up and are ready to find a good home. Lots of princesses and fairies on fairies on these two, FYI.

Disney Princess – $35

Specialized Fairy Scoot – $25

Stoke out a little girl (or boy who doesn’t give a hoot about stupid gender stereotype marketing.)

kids1 kids4 kids3 kids2